Florería Mi Sueño, the West Phoenix florist known for its huge bouquets

PHOENIX — Yoana Jacobo is the owner of Floreria Mi Suenoa West Phoenix florist who went viral for her huge bouquets.

Florería Mi Sueño | Yoana Jacobo

“Ramos buchones” by Florería Mi Sueño. Some of the massive bouquets Jacobo’s team makes start with at least 10 dozen roses.

“Lots of florists, lots of people, lots of customers – they always say we’re the number one in arizona [for] ramos buchones,“, said Jacobo.

The team behind Florería Mi Sueño.


The roses are imported from Ecuador. Once at the flower shop, the team processes and prepares the flowers.

Bouquets are captivating and not easy to achieve.

“It’s not easy to do because any time you start putting a rose, or two dozen, or three dozen together, they’re going to start breaking on top,” Jacobo said. “So it’s not easy and few florists do it [bouquets].”

Yoana Jacobo's son wraps a bouquet in paper


Yoana Jacobo’s son wraps a bouquet in “love” paper. The customer has the flexibility to choose any flower arrangement design and how they would like it wrapped.

Her flower shop skills have even led her to work with international artists. According to Jacobo, his company has worked with Alfredito Olivas, Larry Hernandez, Los Parras and other famous Latin singers.

A thriving BUSINESS

At Jacobo’s floreria [flower shop] is full of colors, but there are no roses without thorns.

“Almost half of my family or more than half, they didn’t believe we were going to have a flower shop in the future,” Florería owner Mi Sueño said. “But I’ve always believed that if you believe in yourself and you [keep] dream, everything will come true,” she added.

Jacobo’s success didn’t happen overnight – it was 15 years ago when she sold her first set of flowers. According to the entrepreneur, “it all started in the street” with her family on the 67e Avenue and Indian school.

Since then, Jacobo and his family opened a kiosk inside the Desert Sky Mall, moved past that location, and then opened his first storefront nearly 75e Avenue and Thomas Road; the success didn’t stop there. This location is now Mis Sueños Events, which translates to “the events of my dreams”. The support of her community also led her to open her second store in Maryvale, which is now her flagship store.

The owner of Florería Mi Sueño walks through the back of one of her flower


The owner of Florería Mi Sueño walks through the back of one of her flower “refrigerators.”

Today, the successful businesswoman has a strong team, loyal customers, and enough flowers to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

“If you’re a Latina and your English isn’t perfect, oh, you probably haven’t finished high school and you don’t believe you can achieve your dream…believe it because you can. I did,” Jacobo said.


  • Flagship location: 7910 W Thomas Rd in Phoenix
  • Contact information: 602-451-2849
  • First storefront: 2929 N 75th Ave in Phoenix

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