Floral Artist Turns New York Phone Booth Into A Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Floral designer Lewis miller organizes beautiful flowers in the most unexpected places in New York. For nearly three years, he and his company, Lewis Miller Design, transformed trash cans into larger-than-life flower vases and used flowers to beautify the subway system as public art. They do this using heaps of vibrant and clever arrangements which are an awesome sight.

Calling the practice “flower flashes,” Miller unveiled his latest project on the Upper West Side. He and his team transformed one of the last phone booths in town into a flowing natural beauty. Against the backdrop of brick buildings and lampposts, the colorful display surely brightened up the day for anyone passing by the ephemeral installation.

The idea of ​​”flower flashes” was founded on Miller’s desire to “create an emotional response through flowers” and “to give New Yorkers the same experience that he offers his paying customers.” All the flowers used in the facilities are reused from company events, they are then handed over to city dwellers. Once a “flower flash” is assembled, Miller and his team leave it to others to admire or pick up a flower. Usually the arrangements go away within a few hours (or sometimes sooner), which also makes them so special.

Scroll down for more “Flower Flashes,” then follow Lewis Miller Design on Instagram to see their next public layouts.

Floral artist Lewis Miller and his talented team organize beautiful flowers in the most unexpected places in New York City.

In addition to a telephone booth, they previously deposited their “flower flashes” in trash cans and in the metro.

Design by Lewis Miller: Website | Instagram
h / t: [Gothamist]

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