Five Flowerless Bouquets Your Valentine Will Love

Nothing says “I love you” like flowers, and on Valentine’s Day the roads are filled with couriers delivering bouquets of red roses.

But are there alternatives to saying it with flowers? What if your love language was food? Or the special person in your life suffers from hay fever?

If you want to do something different this year, we’ve put together an alternative Valentine’s Day bouquet guide. These bouquets are all about romance, but (almost) no flowers were harmed in the making. And they are sure to leave a great taste in your Valentine’s mouth.

Otherwise known as broquet, this floral alternative will appeal to the meat lover in your life. Forget roses and peonies, think charcuterie and charcuterie. This salty surprise from The Manly Man Company can only be delivered to Canada or the United States – but we trust you to make your own. Would go well with beer.
At Sweet lil Bunch, shocks are in the spotlight. Incorporating the best of both worlds – sugar and the romantic concept of giving flowers – the chocolate lover in all of us can indulge.
Edible Blooms offers buckets and bouquets of heart-shaped chocolates, deluxe chocolates, truffles and more. Some also come with champagne.


Make your Valentine’s Day by gifting a flower that can be tossed into the pan and made into breakfast. This unique pink bacon bunch from Waitaki Bacon and Ham comes with a bundle of ridged bacon from Waitaki.

The “flowers” are made of streaky bacon with a magnolia leaf added as greenery. They are wrapped in natural sinamay fiber and finished with brown butcher paper and twine.

We can smell the cooking now!

For the vegetarian or vegan in your life, make them yours forever with a vegetable bouquet from

The bouquet pictured above is romantically known as the Underwater World Bouquet. So ethereal – and packed with goodness in the form of broccoli, kale, fancy salad and radishes.

Each bouquet is wrapped in parchment paper and held together with biodegradable tape and bamboo skewers. There are also fruit options.

Last year, an Australian bride made headlines when she walked down the aisle with a bouquet of donuts. You can impress your partner with a bouquet of donuts for Valentine’s Day.
Edible Blooms has expanded its line to include the Donut Surprise Bouquet (pictured above), the Luxury Donut Heaven Bouquet and more.

Krispy Kreme, which arrived in New Zealand last year to the delight of donut lovers, has created special heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s Day. Not quite bouquets but sure to please.

Spare the flowers, we say. Be creative – and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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