Enchanted Florist, Macomb, to deliver flowers to nursing homes

MACOMB – Enchanted Florist is once again participating in the annual “Petal It Forward” event which will distribute flowers to unsuspecting seniors in nursing homes in October.

Nancy Reed, owner of Enchanted Florist says it’s a way for florists to give back to their local communities and share the joy of flowers.

Patients at four nursing homes: The Elms, Wesley, Country View and Macomb Post Acut Care Center will receive the end of the roses.

Enchanted Florist asks for participation in the form of monetary donations to the community. This can be done by rounding up a purchase and accepting donations.

“They can stipulate which nursing home they want to donate to,” Reed said. “It’s not a source of income, we don’t earn anything, but we want everyone in care homes to know that people are thinking of them.”

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Reed says they have notice boards for each nursing home with the names of people who have contributed.

The deadline for this event is September 16, culminating in the October 19 delivery day.

“I want to welcome anyone who wants to do this,” she said. “They will be distributed as much as possible between the houses, which will be determined by the number of people in each establishment.”

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