Chrissy Teigen’s dried flower arrangement doubles as an unexpected wall decoration

When you need a little decorating inspiration, there are a handful of stylish celebs you can always turn to – and the model / author / host / entrepreneur is definitely one of them. It’s first her comfy yet chic living room furniture, then her open kitchen shelves, and now Chrissy Teigen’s dried flower arrangement has all her followers – including the most famous – asking for details.

In a recent Instagram post, Teigen showcased a new addition to their office space: a massive, monochrome wall piece made of dried flowers and herbs. Chrissy was such a fan of the arrangement, created by A&J floral designs in Los Angeles, that she must have posted it twice. “Chrissy’s designer Jake Arnold contacted us to order it and told us she wanted a floral piece that was both feminine and bohemian,” says Jessica Fleming, co-owner of the design company with Amanda Plott. “We love projects like this where we can interpret what the client wants and create something tangible.”

In recent times, dried arrangements have made a major comeback, and you can see it in the chicest spaces (for example, A&J also creates similar pieces for the studio of celebrity favorite facialist Shani Darden). That said, there are a few things that make Teigen’s new addition particularly unique as a wall decor and centerpiece, as opposed to just a traditional accent. “We’ve been very attentive to every detail, from the varied textures and shapes of every flower and herb to the hanging crystals,” Fleming said. “Usually our clients love it when our arrangements are unusual and new, and it is always when we had the most fun! ”

Want to try adding dried flowers to your space in a way that adds unexpected drama? Coming up, the A&J team is sharing a few factors to consider when creating your own floral piece at home (of course, if you have a project in mind that’s too big for DIY, feel free to call the pros).

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Chrissy Teigen’s Dried Flower Arrangement: Think Big

A sure-fire way to create instant drama with setting: Supersize it! “Don’t be afraid to go big,” said Fleming. If you don’t create a wall room like Teigen’s, you can increase the scale of your ship. in place. “We love an oversized container filled with leafy or flowering branches, especially in a hallway,” she adds.

Chrissy Teigen Dried Flower Arrangement: Consider Unique Shapes

A truly eye-catching arrangement has dimension, so Fleming says think about the shapes you make and the space it takes – top to bottom, left and right. “Branches or flowers that are curved and sinuous, and curl or extend to the side add interesting shapes and variations,” she explains. “Sometimes the best of them, you can pick it from your neighborhood.”

Chrissy Teigen’s Dried Flower Arrangement: Think Beyond Flowers

Teigen’s arrangement uses hanging crystals and a mix of herbs, in addition to more traditional flowers, so for an equally unpredictable effect, consider non-traditional elements that you can mix together. “Try flowers outside of your comfort zone that you“ aren’t used to seeing in regular arrangements, ”Fleming says. “We like to use fruits and vegetables all the time (ie tangerines, kumquats, artichokes, onion flowers!) To add an unexpected touch.”

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