Chicory Kin Pop-up Flower Bouquets @ Fred!

As if Fred wasn’t cool enough, the shop is now partnering with florist Chicory Kin to sell Valentine’s Day bouquets. Fred Handmade Wares is only offering these beautiful bouquets today and tomorrow, so you better get there quick from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Chicory Kin carefully selects unique bouquets that use natural greenery and vibrant colors.

It was about time we saw some mash-ups with florists. There are so many opportunities to showcase flowers, in places people might not expect it. Fred provides the perfect setting for a kind of pop-up. Besides bountiful bouquets, Fred has a ton of other Valentine’s Day gifts to browse, from “heart-shaped earrings and bracelets made by Road Kiln, spring-scented candles by Niland Candle Co., handmade Valentine’s Day cards (all proceeds go to Homespace), plus gifts for the kids and your partner.

If you don’t know Fred, click here.

Be sure to check out the [home.grown.stone.] hypertufa planters and Trebird Skateboard jewelry (made in-house in an artisan workshop at the back of the store). More than 45 designers (local and national) are present in this clever shop dedicated to artisanal, local, eco-responsible and sustainable products and gifts.

Handmade jewelry, candles, cards, lip balm and scrubs, coffee mugs, bags, terrariums, home decor, cutting boards and more! We will also serve pour-over Glen Edith Cafe all weekend for $2.50 a cup.

Fred Handicrafts + Gifts | The Florentine building | 385 Franklin Street | Buffalo, NY 14202 | (716) 550-1492 | Instagram | Facebook

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