Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas That Will Make Your Space So Trendy


Fresh flowers at home can often seem like a luxury, and this is especially the case if you’ve noticed the lavish arrangements artfully placed in the homes of the famous and fashionable (see Chrissy Teigen, J.Lo, and Literally Don’t anyone in the Kardashian / Jenner family). Fortunately, you don’t have to be an A-lister to try out some of the hottest trends when it comes to incorporating flowers into your space. Just ask the experts, who say celebrity flower arrangement ideas are actually quite accessible, whether you decide to order a custom creation or go the DIY route.

If you’re not much of a flower lover, it can be a bit intimidating to decide which type of arrangement works best for your home. What types of flowers to choose? What color palette? How big or how small? Granted, there is a lot to consider, but if you like taking inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities, you can apply the same idea here. Look no further than the chic homes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Jessica Alba for fresh and creative ideas to try for yourself. Turns out you might only need a pair of clippers to try them out.

Whether you keep flowers in your home on a regular basis and are looking to spice up your usual arrangement style or are looking to make an investment that will last (believe it or not, it is possible) and create maximum impact, Most floral trends don’t have to be limited to the celebrity set. For proof, read ahead of time the advice of experts who are no strangers to creating eye-catching bouquets and installations for A-listers. Then use these trends in your next arrangements, whether you make them yourself or let the pros do it.

Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas: Bring Branches

“A distinct trend that celebrities are using right now is about texture – mixing not only different types of flowers, but also shapes, varieties, petals, branches and colors,” says Courtney Sixx, founder and co-designer of Bouquet box, a new floral service for DIY enthusiasts. Amanda Plott and Jessica Fleming, owners of A&J floral designs who happens to be responsible for the massive installation of Teigen desks, co-sign adding branches to your arrangement for a unique shape and texture. “Customers love the tall, statement branches that bloom and / or sculpt,” they told TZR. “They are great when placed in a hallway for a dramatic moment.” And Plott and Fleming say it’s easy to try it out for yourself: just place a few large branches in a nice pitcher or vase filled with water, which will keep their weight from tipping over on the vessel.

Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas: Think Outside the Vase

Arrangements should not be limited to one table. Take inspiration from celebrities and think of ways to incorporate flowers on your walls or in a more interactive and artistic way. “We’ve noticed that people aren’t just interested in arrangements in vases, but also look to unique installation pieces that look more like interactive art,” Plott and Fleming explain. “We prefer ‘floating’ or suspended rooms from the ceiling, like what we did at the Shani Darden Spa and Chrissy Teigen Headquarters.

Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas: Try Dried

The trend for dried flowers (including a variety of herbs) has gained momentum over the past couple of years and Plott and Fleming share that this type of arrangement is a great option for those who are frustrated with the short duration. life of fresh flowers. “Customers who are willing to spend a little more on something that will last longer love dried out arrangements,” they told TZR. “We love working with them for their neutral palette and interesting textures.”

Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas: Have Fun Foraging For Food

“Customers prefer a more desirable wildflower look these days,” Plott and Fleming explain. And you can achieve this look without hiring a florist by heading out to your own backyard and surrounding landscape. “This uses local plants and flowers that grow in your area and is a more relaxed and refreshing change from the more traditional vibe of rose globes,” the two add.

Celebrity Flower Arrangement Ideas: Incorporating the Unexpected

In addition to flowers, think about other natural elements that can blend your composition in a unique way. “Fruits and vegetables are used more in arrangements to add an unexpected touch,” share Plott and Fleming. “We loved incorporating cumquats, tangerines, lemons, artichokes and persimmons.” This further adds to the aforementioned thicket appearance.

Celebrity flower arrangement ideas: monochrome palettes

Michael Uncapher, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Marc’s garden – a staple floral resource for celebrities and high-profile event planners – says monochrome arrangements have a moment, especially when it comes to neutral palettes. “Earth tones and neutral florals such as caramel pinks and quicksand pinks in handmade ceramic vessels have been very popular with celebrities looking for a more modern take on casual entertainment.” To try this out, put together your vase and flowers in different shades from the same color family (in this case, creams and nudes), but be sure to incorporate different shapes and textures to keep them interesting.

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