Cat begins to steal bouquets of flowers from graves, leaving its owner mortified

It’s not uncommon for cats to venture out and fetch things. After all, it’s part of their behavior, bringing you what they see as a gift – not to mention that they often enjoy exploring other people’s property. However, this cat may have taken things a bit too far.

Rachel Masterman from Gwent in Wales, UK noticed her cat Demo was stealing memorial bouquets from the local church.

Rachel says this behavior started last year after Demo was hit by a car, leaving her with a serious head injury. While it was just random items like gloves, masks, etc., Demo seems to have upped its game.

Write on your community’s Facebook page (opens in a new tab)Rachel said: “Every day she brings us home random stuff…crispy packets, cemetery flower face masks, but tonight she really did it all!”

“If these are yours…then please inbox me as I’m sure you won’t want to openly admit they are yours!”

Demonstration of the cat and the glove

The demo first started stealing gloves and masks (Image credit: Facebook / Demo Masterman)

Judging by other posts, she continued with her old stuff:

“I’m so embarrassed and frankly mortified that my cat stole again. Aside from the 3 new gloves she brought home…I guess she just walked through the cemetery and stole this beautiful arrangement. I’m so sorry if it’s yours. Please contact me so I can put it back. Damn cat!”

flowers stolen from the grave

A memorial bouquet stolen by Demo the cat from a local cemetery (Image credit: Facebook / @caldicotcommunity)

Luckily, Demo’s actions don’t seem to have upset too many people.

“Luckily the person saw the fun side,” Rachel said. “When she came to the door to collect the bouquet, she was actually laughing.”

Although Demo’s behavior shows no signs of changing, Rachel chooses to be philosophical about the whole thing: “A lot of people say cats do it to show their owners they love them, so Demo has to be very fond of me.Nevertheless, I would much rather she brought home a bag of £50 notes as a token of affection.

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