Brooklyn couple makes dream of opening flower shop in Bed-Stuy come true

A Brooklyn couple who met over 30 years ago over a single red rose are now bringing their love story back to where it all began – by jointly opening a new flower shop in Brooklyn called Greenery Florist.

Brooklyn couple Dezzie and Olga Ligon’s love affair began 32 years ago with a rose.

“I was working in my father’s plant shop many years ago and my wife – well, soon my wife – passed by and I fell in love basically. I chased her, gave her a rose and here we are today, ”says Dezzie.

The couple’s love has since evolved into a 21-year marriage where they raised seven children.

Now they have started their own business which has brought their love story and love for flowers full circle.

“We try to offer flowers by stalk, plants, I also do household items. The aim of the store is for people to come in and feel happy, joyful and in love,” says Dezzie.

The two say their flower shop has been a dream for them for years. They are now making that dream come true by opening what they say is the first and only ZIP code 11233 flower shop.

Dezzie, who says he learned the ropes from working with his father as a child, hopes to pass the torch to his children.

“I am doing what my father did for me by teaching my children the trade and the family tradition continues.”

As they live out their dreams of being a florist, the couple say they have received tremendous support from the community.

They hope that support will increase once they officially open on October 9.

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