Bouquets of flowers with face masks and disinfectants hit the market


When COVID-19 has changed the way greetings are delivered from a “safe distance,” why not make it an organized business? The idea of ​​making safe and healthy “New Years” greetings may have sprung up at this point.

Here is a new concept of fruit bouquets and baskets gift with face masks and hand sanitizers, which makes the gift not only relevant in the contemporary pandemic situation, but also signifies how one takes care of it. other. Blue Petals, the Tirupati-based florist who regularly introduces new products to the market, has come up with a range of gift options where floral decoration gets added value in the form of N95 masks, hand sanitizers, pulse oximeter and wiping surface. fabrics.

“By offering our products, one can convey that he / she cares about the health of the other,” says CBV CEO Saikumar Reddy. By all means, bouquets will now have an increased shelf life.

Designer masks

Envisioning a huge market in the form of female buyers, the company this year also introduced the concept of “designer masks” to suit the color and pattern of the saree, which of course can be prepared in advance. . Likewise, exotic flowers from Bengaluru, Ooty and other places at home and abroad are imported before New Years Eve. With the concept of indoor gardening picking, bonsai and plants from bamboo table are made available to encourage the promotion of greenery.

Although the cost of inputs has skyrocketed due to the foreclosure situation, the money seems to be stopping here. “We have made a huge expense to purchase the flowers this year, but we will not pass the cost on to consumers,” Reddy said.

Since the flowers are disinfected before the bouquet is made and the delivery is contactless, people can exchange jokes without any fear.


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