Bouquets of dried flowers add to the interior decoration | Leadville’s life


Wondering how to spruce up your home this spring? Consider a bouquet of dried flowers.

Now that we are all spending more time at home, surrounding yourself with plants and flowers (live or dry) can bring joy to your daily work of home routine and household life.

What you will need:

– Dried flowers

– Old mason jar, rustic tin can or other container

– Scissors

– Podcast or music

– Patience


If you ever receive flowers and want them to continue to give you happiness, consider hanging them upside down to dry them. Dry the flowers indoors and out of direct sunlight to make sure they retain their color. Most flowers will take two to three weeks to dry.

Some flowers dry better than others. For example, lavender, larkspur and baby’s breath dry well while tulips don’t because they are so fragile.

To add to your bouquet options, look for local flora in your garden. Pine cones, mugwort and twigs are great local additions to bouquets. There is beauty and design all around us.

To make a bouquet of dried flowers, gather your container, flowers and forage items. Decide how you want to organize your flora before you begin. Next, cut each stem to different lengths, looking to fill in any empty spaces in the container to fill your arrangement.

Dried flowers are delicate yet sturdy, so you might lose a flower or leaf here and there. Don’t be afraid to rearrange as you go.


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