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Florist Bloom Buddies recently celebrated its grand opening with a musical “plant band.” The florist hopes to make an impact in the community by providing people with quality flowers and plants for every occasion. Photo of PJ by Timothy Frudd

Bloom Buddies recently celebrated the grand opening of their florist located at 212 Pine St. in Jamestown.

LeeAnn Sholl, owner of Bloom Buddies, said the shop specializes in fresh-cut flowers, potted plants and gift items.

Sholl said the florist business was inspired by her passion for flowers and art.

“This genre started as a passion project and a way to create jobs for me and my friends in a career we love,” she says. “We all really love working with fresh cut flowers and creating unique designs and floral art.”

Sholl said Bloom Buddies is committed to providing good service to people. She believes flowers can enhance people’s lives and impact special occasions.

“Flowers help people express their emotions, and we take this very seriously and understand the importance of providing quality and care in what we do,” she says.

The grand opening of Bloom Buddies took place on August 3. Local officials and community members attended the event and expressed their support for the new downtown business. To celebrate the occasion, the florist had 1,000 roses decorating the outside of the store.

“It was amazing” Sholl said. “We had a great time. We had an amazing turnout. We are so grateful to everyone who showed up and showed their support.

One of the featured events at the grand opening was a build-your-own bouquet bar. Sholl said the community’s response to the feature was “overwhelming” and that Bloom Buddies plans to bring this back daily.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the store’s grand opening was the musical “plant strip” created by Kyle Sholl.

The idea for the plant group is something they discovered on the internet. Electronic impulses are emitted by living plants and are harnessed by technology to create unique music and sounds.

“What creates energy is the plant that draws water from the ground”, Sholl said. “It’s what creates electricity.”

By using different circuits and capacitors, Sholl is able to translate electronic impulses into different forms of music.

“Different plants react in different ways”, he said. “There are several different ways to hook it up.”

Bloom Buddies continued to receive community support after its grand opening.

“We have a lot of walk-in business, a lot of people stopping by to check it out,” said LeeAnn Sholl.

Danice Vott, the manager of Bloom Buddies, said the store was ideally located to provide daily flowers to residents of Jamestown.

“We are the only florist downtown. » Vott said. “We offer a different service because we are downtown. We simply provide truly excellent service and the highest quality flowers we can get.

Bloom Buddies orders flowers from everywhere, providing the local community with a wide variety of options. The company also uses a chiller maintenance program that helps the flowers stay in top condition.

Sholl thinks Bloom Buddies offers something different from other florists.

“I feel like we’re a bit more modern and not afraid to think outside the box a bit with our designs,” she says. “I just hope we can bring joy by sharing the beauty of flowers.”

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