Ballard Hmong Flower Bouquets Raise $ 1,000 and 700 Pounds of Food for Ballard Food Bank – My Ballard


The fundraising bouquet of flowers which started at Ballard earlier this month raised over $ 1,000 and 700 pounds of food for the Ballard Food Bank last week.

Ballardite Roger Dowdy started the fundraiser a few weeks ago after hearing about his friend’s efforts to sell Hmong flower bouquets to Leschi. He wanted to support flower growers who sell bouquets at the Ballard Farmers Market every week and partnered with the Washington Hmong Association to organize weekly flower deliveries for Ballard.

Dowdy said he tried to get flowers from the same group of farmers who sold at the Sunday market, but the Hmong Association represents farmers across western Washington, not necessarily just those who sell at the Ballard. Farmers Market.

Funds from each $ 15 bouquet go directly to farmers, and buyers have the option to donate an extra, with any additional funds over $ 15 going directly to the Ballard Food Bank.

In just a matter of weeks, flower deliveries have exploded: West Woodland volunteer Lisa Zook delivers them to locals in her area, and Dowdy said they have expanded beyond Ballard to include deliveries to Queen Anne and Magnolia.

Last week, they sold over 500 bouquets and delivered to 270 different homes, aided by 14 groups of volunteers who offered to help distribute the flowers in the neighborhood. Many people who bought bouquets also donated food to the Ballard Food Bank — Dowdy said they delivered three cars full of food last weekend.

“It’s amazing to see the community come together and support the farmers and the food bank, and the number of people donating extra funds has been remarkable,” Dowdy told My Ballard.

Dowdy says the online order form will be until Wednesday at 8 p.m. for deliveries every Saturday. Dowdy said he and the volunteers will continue to make week-to-week deliveries and expects Mother’s Day to be a big delivery weekend.

Photos of Roger Dowdy and Lisa Zook


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