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Andover woman wins flower arrangement award

The Andover Garden Club is proud to announce that longtime member and past president Ann C. Lange has been named “Flower Arranger of the Year” by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Lange distinguished himself by creating a floral arrangement in the “Creative Design” style, using hand painted palm spathes, gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) and woven palm leaves. Photographer Pat Watson then captured an image of the design, titled “Birds Take Wing.”

Lange submitted the photograph for the consideration of the committee that selects nominations for the annual Vision of Beauty calendar, which is now in its 73rd edition. She won the coveted Helen S. Hull Calendar Award, earning her the title “Flower Arranger of the Year”.

Lange has already won the award once, which makes her one of the few designers to have achieved this recognition twice.

Copies of the 2022 calendar can be purchased at

Teens Help Protect Salamanders

A team from Andover High School Destination Imagination visited State Representative Tram Nguyen, D-Andover, to ask for help protecting the blue-spotted salamanders.

The team, known as the Andover Animal Advocates, designed a project to educate people about 29 locally endangered species, then drew up legislation to protect what many considered most important, the blue-spotted salamanders.

“The blue-spotted salamander is an important part of our local ecosystem,” Nguyen said. “But that is only one of the reasons I introduced this bill. One big reason is another important species even more vital to the sustainability of our planet: the students who care. When students get involved, we are all better off. That’s why I’m grateful that these students have come to me with their request to make the democratically selected blue-spotted salamander the state amphibian of Massachusetts. It was an honor to introduce their bill and it is encouraging to see my colleagues at State House sign on as co-sponsors. “

The Andover Animal Advocates team agrees. “This bill goes far beyond the selection of a new state symbol for the Commonwealth; it acts as a gateway to greater environmental awareness. We believe that if this bill is passed, we will be able to educate the public about the loss of spring pool habitats and the many species that depend on them. It is a problem which is more urgent than ever. “

Musical celebrating pilgrims comes to Andover

Anchored: The PilgrimStory premieres at the Collins Center at 7 p.m. on September 30. The show is an all-new dramatic ballet created to celebrate the Pilgrims’ 400th birthday and arrives in New England this fall. Anchored is a collaboration between FirstLoveWorks, Inc., a non-profit organization founded by Ann and Tom Savastano, and Ballet Magnificat!

Anchored covers the saga of the Pilgrims’ journey from their departure to America’s first Thanksgiving, describing the faith, hope and courage that sustained them. Anchored highlights landmark scenes such as the tumultuous crossing of the Atlantic, the signing of the Mayflower Compact, the intensity of the first winter, the lasting peace treaty with the Wampanoag people and the festive harmony of the first Thanksgiving.

Tickets cost $ 25 for adults, $ 17.50 for children 13 and under. Go to to buy tickets.

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