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MELBOURNE, Australia, July 26. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An eco-friendly decor option, fresh flowers are an easy way to add a splash of color to any space. Amazing Graze Flowers shares her tips for displaying unique flower arrangements and making the most of fresh flowers.

According to Amazing Graze Flowers, which provides same day flower delivery in Melbourne, buying flowers from a florist often means they are fresher than those found in supermarkets. Starting with the freshest flowers will help extend the lifespan, as will making sure the water in the vase is refreshed every other day and the leaves are kept out of the water. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends cutting flower stems at a 45 degree angle, about an inch from the bottom, to increase surface area for water absorption.

Getting creative with floral arrangements can be as simple as choosing a unique container such as a jar, pitcher, vintage bottle, tea cup or tea tin. Adding small stones or seashells inside the vase will create a distinct look and can also help support the flowers, says Amazing Graze Flowers.

Amazing Graze Flower says adding cuttings from home and garden plants is an easy way to spruce up a flower arrangement, especially if some of the flowers have reached the end of their life. The extra greenery will support and accent the remaining flowers. For flowers that have started to wilt, cutting off the heads and placing them in a shallow bowl filled with water will make them last a little longer and create a unique focal point in any space.

For those looking to create their own arrangements, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends choosing flowers from the same color family. It’s also important to stick to seasonal flowers to get the most out of the arrangement.

Incredible pasture flowers has new arrangements for all occasions. From daily bouquets carefully arranged by skilled florists with seasonal blooms mixed with foliage to native bouquets, rose bouquets and more, ordering the freshest blooms has never been easier.

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