605 Florista Flower Shop Opens for Valentine’s Day in Sioux Falls

The Jones421 building is home to its latest business: a florist, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

605 Florista, owned by 26-year-old Ariana Johnson, stands out with vibrant colors and designs. The company fills the former Swamp Daddy booth at 421 N. Phillips Ave. now that the Louisiana-style restaurant is moving down the hall.

“It’s like a dream come true,” said Johnson, who has six years of floral design experience. Most of her work has been self-taught, she added.

Ariana Johnson, owner of 605 Florista, located in the Jones421 building on Saturday, February 5, 2022.

She started the business wanting to venture out on her own and support her family, including her two daughters, she said. Johnson’s partner helped her create a website and establish the business before opening the storefront.

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Johnson opens the store Feb. 7 and takes orders before Valentine’s Day. She will also have several single rod options on the day of the holiday for customers to choose from and which she will arrange in person, she added.

In addition to flower arrangements, Johnson plans to sell a variety of indoor plants.

A selection of flowers at 605 Florista inside the Jones421 building in downtown Sioux Falls.

Most of her work consists of bright colors and tropical plants, reminding her of her home. While Johnson was born in Utah and spent most of her life in South Dakota, her mother was from Acapulco, Mexico and used tropical colors and palettes in their home. Johnson therefore associates them with love and warmth.

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She hopes her clients will appreciate and recognize the same in her work.

“It’s like art,” Johnson said. “I see floral design as an art, where everyone has their own tastes and forms in the way of making their creations.”

A wall of flowers at 605 Florista inside the Jones421 building in downtown Sioux Falls.  605 Florista is a new flower shop located in the former location of Swamp Daddy.

While Johnson plans to just sell plants and flowers at first, she eventually hopes to create classes for customers, including a flower arranging class for kids.

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