6 stunning bouquets of flowers for your loved ones

It’s another Valentine’s Day around the corner, and even here in Nigeria the idea of ​​sending fresh flowers to a wife or loved one has come a long way from what it used to be. , as we now see various Instagram posts depicting both celebrities as well as stylish ladies showing off the fresh flowers and gifts they received not only for their birthdays, anniversaries or as Valentine’s Day gifts, but also as general romantic displays of affection, especially when paired with a box of chocolate, champagne, perfume, teddy bears and the like.

To this end, we spoke with the two best gift and fresh flower shops in Nigeria, Regalflowers.com.ng as well as Floralhub.com.ng, who have a good track record in delivering fresh flowers as well as other gifts such as chocolates. , cakes and cupcakes, champagne, teddies and perfumes in Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria. They also have a significant presence not only online but also have various walk-in branches in the scholarly quarters of Ikoyi and Victoria Island, Lagos and Wuse 2, Abuja.

Below are some of their recommendations for fresh flowers, and roses in particular, which are suitable for various occasions, and all the options shown come in different sizes depending on the customer’s budget:

1. IMPERIAL VIP by Regal arrangement by Regalflowers.com.ng

This tiered arrangement of red or mixed roses starts from level 3 through level 10 and is designed to make a statement. It is usually sent by the gentleman who wants to splurge on a lady. The prices, it has to be said, reflect that too, as tiered sizes can go up to $10,000!

2. DUNE Bouquet by Floralhub.com.ng

When you want something substantial yet affordable, the DUNE from Floralhub.com.ng is often a great choice. It contains mixed colors of chrysanthemums, roses, and millions of stars, and is one of their best-selling arrangements.

3. VIP ADMIRAL by Regalflowers.com.ng

The Admiral from Regal Flowers is a lavish swirl of exquisite roses forming a globe above a luxury black box and is available in various sizes.

4. EUPHORIA by Floralhub.com.ng

When you want roses, with a pop of color, this dazzling mixed color bouquet of roses with millions of stars is a great choice. If the choice of colors is often left to the florist, it can also be chosen by the customer.

5. FERRERO AND ROSES by Regalflowers.com.ng

This bouquet of roses, millions of stars and real Ferrero Rocher chocolates is made to be shown off on Instagram…right before the recipient and their friends pick up the Ferrero Rocher chocolates inside. An excellent scenic choice.

6. ARABIATI by Floralhub.com.ng

Exquisite bouquet of red, white, pink, yellow or purple roses with millions of stars or statice, often a great choice for a chic lady, and a quintessential choice that also comes in various sizes

In addition to the company’s websites and stores, Regalflowers.com.ng can also be contacted via +234 7010006665 (phone/WhatsApp) and Floralhub.com.ng can also be contacted via +234 9077777994 (phone/WhatsApp)

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