5 flower bouquets for your best friend to show him you care this rose day

Who said Valentine’s Day could only be celebrated by lovers and partners? You can also celebrate with your bestie! There is no doubt that your best friend is also your soul mate! I mean they’ve been there for you through your worst and best times, and have never left you. On this rose day, show them appreciation and care by gifting them these exquisite flower bouquets.

Basket of 50 Red Roses

The classics never fail to impress. This flower basket consists of exotic red roses. This beautiful arrangement makes a perfect floral gift. The number of roses in the basket is 50, and it will brighten up your best friend this Rose Day, giving them the perfect start to their Valentine’s Day week!

Price: Rs.1895

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Arrangement of 20 baskets of roses and gerberas

Flowers are a way to share your love, emotions and feelings with your loved one. If you don’t want to go the traditional route with red roses, this basket arrangement with pink roses and white and pink gerberas is the perfect gift for your best friend! We guarantee your bestie will look as pretty as the gerberas with that smile on their face.


Price: Rs.1145

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Dream a small bouquet of flowers

The enchantment of roses can hardly be matched. Like a dream, full of hope, aspiration and positivity, this bouquet of pink roses and gypsum come together in joyful union, making it a sight of pure bliss.


Price: Rs.1595

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Ice Blue Pink Box

If your best friend is unique among the rest and always separate from the crowd, give her this box of ice blue roses that is just as unique and special as she is! Ice blue roses are hauntingly beautiful to behold. This blue box comes with hand-arranged ice blue swirl roses paired with baby’s breath fillers and pristine pearls sitting on each rose. This planter comes straight from the Glass Gardens of Winterfall.


Price: Rs.1099

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Bouquet of peaceful white roses

Divine white roses are a symbol of purity of heart. It is an ideal way to project yourself. White roses are the flower of light, they are also called the flowers of the bride in some traditions. If your best friend’s heart is as pure as gold, if she lights up your life like no one else, and if she’s sure to be your bridesmaid in the future, this bouquet is it. simply perfect !


Price: 699 rupees

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