114 bouquets of flowers delivered to residents of the Abilene retirement home


ABILENE, Kan. (KWCH) – A florist in Abilene spent the day delivering 114 bouquets of flowers to each resident of a town’s retirement home.

A few days before Christmas, Danielle Taylor and Calista Wilson, co-owners of The Flower Box, wanted to do something special for the residents of nursing homes confined to their rooms.

“We will be filling the rooms of all the residents of the nursing home here in Abilene so that they can have something to bring them joy for Christmas.”

“They are locked up,” Taylor said. “No one can come in to visit them. No member of their family can be with them at Christmas, they cannot go for their family’s Christmas.

They reached out to Abilene residents via Facebook for help on the cost of spreading the Christmas cheer.

“We have currently sold every room,” Wilson said. “We’re going to do 114 of them and that includes poinsettias and flower arrangements. And I think people understand the kind of joy they’re going to help give to these people who have been stuck for so long.

With the end of the year we’ve all had, Wilson said there’s no other way she’d rather end it.

“To end the year and the holidays on such a high note is more than we could ask for. I think it would be every florist‘s dream to do something like this, ”Wilson said.

And after hours of arranging the flowers over the weekend, they were finally ready to deliver on Tuesday morning.

“We just hope to make them really happy,” Taylor said. “We fear that they will feel like we have forgotten them because they are locked up.”

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